Spelling fascists or spelling anarchists?

“Spelling fascists” (the ones who correct or ridicule people who make spelling errors) are in fact (if one really thinks about it long enough) “spelling anarchists”, who are making all the spelling errors, continually destroying “the system” (the spelling system) and forcing others to disrespect the 91 spelling rules of English like them! Ironic, isn’t it? Why are they not respecting those 91 spelling rules? Email them this post!

Yes! You read well! “Spelling anarchists” not only misspell when they ask others to “spell it right”, but they want everyone else to do so too * !  Isn’t ironic that the “spelling fascists” (SF) are –in fact– “spelling anarchists” (SA)! They are the ones forcing everyone to break down the system, to misspell those words that could be spelled phonetically, spoiling what is an otherwise beautiful system? Why is there a concerted effort by the prescriptivists to be and act as “de-scriptivists”, as anarchists, because kids and learners –and people in general– across the Commonwealth are wasting their time and money being sold a defective good: the current English spelling system with all its irregularities? After all, it is not exactly breaking news that English spelling has the worst phonemicity of all Western languages, retarding kids (literally) –disabling and labelling them as such– and retarding learning by 3 years on average! It is the language that is disabled … and disabling! Not the kids! No wonder “those young people” don’t know anything, but they know that the English spelling system is amiss, a mess, a monstrosity. No wonder they appear rebellious or lost at an early age while the “spelling police”, AKA the SA (better known as SF), exert their might on them. WOW! The anarchists and the police in bed with each other. Who would have ever thought that this could be possible? Young learners want to conform … to those spelling rules. They also want the anarcho-police to conform to those rules too! While English has a relatively easy grammar, its spelling needs to be regularized and regulated. Anyone arguing the opposite is THE anarchist! To that end, a Commonwealth committee or academy should be formed at once to make all the de facto “spelling anarchists” happy because everyone will finally be spelling words the way they really should be spelled: phonetically!

For a much more comprehensive exposé on the matter of spelling, I invite readers to go to http://reforming-english.blogspot.ca/.


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